Bullet Points Monthly

Electric Literature



The Backlog

Kill Screen

  • Scale against humanity in Xenoblade Chronicles — 4/14/15
  • Crash Bandicoot and the end of videogame mascots — 2/25/15
  • The Year in Blank Space — 12/18/14
  • What does it mean for a videogame to be always on? — 6/6/14
  • Can big data be open data? — 10/23/13


  • Jarring Free — (On The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1) 3/1/14


  • Or Not — (On The Stanley Parable) 6/3/14
  • Old Blood — (On Apotheon and the difference between ancient Greek visual art and poetry) 2/21/14
  • Laughing at the Game — (On Beyond: Two Souls and camp) 11/6/13

The Bygone Bureau

  • Into the Myst — (with Sara Clemens) 8/15/13

Bit Creature

Header image by David Calvo from The Year in Blank Space on Kill Screen.


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