Slim is sexy, at least for consoles

I have a secret: I love console design updates. There’s just something, well, sexy about those sleek little boxes. All the same features tucked neatly into a smaller package, all the superfluity cut away.

Console redesigns

Your normal collector tends to want the original, and there’s something to be said for the often iconic original visual profiles.

But I love the way that the redesigns are a bit more unexpected. The way there’s something a little off when you can still see the cartridge as you turn on your top-loading NES. And as the redesigns usually come pretty late in a console’s life cycle, they’re often a bit more quiet, a bit more reliable.

And when you have a bunch of consoles hooked up to a single TV, you appreciate every bit of space you can get.

I’ve never traded in a console for a new model before, but at 500 GB, that new super slim PS3 is an archivist’s dream. I’m drooling already.

Image from IGN.

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